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Vi opplever utfordrende tider, og Jeg, Ilze Livincova, med 15 år erfaring både gruppetimer, PT timer og vanntrening, samlet beste øvelser på Ilze Fitness Online trening til å hjelpe leve sunnere og holde seg i formen hjemme.

Jeg har tilbud for period helt til sommer 2021 og har satt planner for gruppetimer hver uke, så bare kom med forslag hvis du ønsker noen ting spesiell eller du har gruppe med venner som ville trenne sammen. Hvis du klarer ikke til å bli online med meg, du kan få link til trening og kjøre en annen dag eller tid som passer.

Her finner du både kondisjon, styrke, mamma trening og foredrag. Ønsker du full tilgang til alle våre Online Training timer?

Special offer with all Zoom trainings

My special offer is Kr 200,- or 20 euro
And you can join in all or in some workouts, at least 3 times per week and get ready for summer!

You will have all records and can download and workout again or later.

Lets get active by Ilze Fitness,
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Du kan vipps meg - 92505943
eller sent epost til å ha faktura til -

Different classes every week at least 3 times a week will get you in better shape.

Some examples...
Topic: Ilze Fitness Cardio Dance + Strength Interval
Equipment - can add some weigth if you want.
+ This class was cancelled on Thursday. If you love music, dance and the same time love some Strength training, this training is for you. Mix in Interval training to have good training for your heart.

Topic: Ilze Fitness Tabata HIIT
Equipment - no needed.
+ My favourite and crazy Tabata High Intensity Interval training with 3 peaks on it. We will do Tabata 3 times with 20sec max speed and 10sec breaks. This is last time before I change to new program. If you want to burn more kcal this training is for you!

Topic: Ilze Fitness Circuit Strength
Equipment - dumbbells or weights.
+ This class will be perfect for everyone from seniors to athletes, to have strength training, to build more muscles in Circuit training, 50sec. movement with 10sec break in between, we do 4 blocks. Simple choreography and good to build more muscles for burning more kcal.

Topic: Ilze Fitness Yoga
Equipment - only matt.
+ Finally evening class, later than usually because its Yoga, perfect workout before to go to sleep. It provides a routine in which you can meditate by focusing on your breathing and relaxing all of your muscles. But it can also be a great way to exercise and build up your overall fitness level and prevent future weight gain. Try it!

Topic: Mommy Fitness
Equipment - no needed.
My favourite Mommy Fitness class, I missed it so much. This class is designed specifically for moms, to help you to regain your shape, strength and fitness, and with a big focus on posture and working those all-important abdominal and back muscles. We use weights and babies like weight. Classes are perfect for new moms who wish to exercise and socialise with their babies. This class is suitable for babies aged 8 weeks - 20 months.

I recommend to add in your Calendar your interested classes and closer to workout, I will sent link to Zoom.

New Member, probably you will need to download Zoom to your computer, iPad, mobile phone. Please test it in advance.

Any question, please write private!

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Article by Ilze Livincova